Thursday, April 28, 2011

Open Talon Ball and Claw Feet...

This should come as no surprise: I love ball and claw feet.  If it were possible to have every piece of furniture I own resting upon ball and claw feet I would.  So one day, no doubt avoiding real work, I came upon he work of Clint Thorn.  If you've never seen an Open Talon Ball and Claw foot prepare to be blown away.

I will admit as a fellow Yankee I would be tempted to be less than impartial, but his work speaks for itself.  Look at this chair!  That is the throne my toddler could rule the world from.  Timeouts would become meaningless.

Not surprisingly if you check out his Available Pieces section half of them are already sold.  Next time I get back up to CT I might have to stop in and look at a coffee or pedestal table.  P.S.  My birthday is in September.

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  1. Wow, I agree. I have known Kimberly and Clint for a few years and I will never stop being amazed at his work and his talent. Besides they are both really good people