Saturday, April 30, 2011

Jim Thompson Silks...

One day on my once or twice a year visit to the Design Center I saw a piece of silk that stopped me in my tracks.  I won't post the picture here since it was so long ago that it is no longer produced, but that piece was by Jim Thompson.    Ever since then I have kept up with the new pieces coming out by them, and recently they were kind enough to send me this picture to post.

This is Chloe from their Rite of Spring collection.  It is a handwoven hand dyed Ikat.  It comes in 6 colors, and is only one of fantastic fabrics you should check out at  While you're there I suggest you also check out the guest designer Tony Duqette.  He has a amazing fabric that looks like Malachite.

P.S.  If you want an interesting read google Jim Thompson and read about his exciting life and mysterious disappearance.
P.P.S  If you want to see the original fabric I fell in love with shoot me an e-mail or leave a comment.

Friday, April 29, 2011

Hide, Hide, and more Hide...

Kyle Bunting's work reminds me of an episode from when I was volunteering at the SPCA.  After two years there someone made an off handed comment about me being a vegan.  I looked down and said "What makes you think I'm a vegan?  I'm wearing leather shoes, a leather belt, and a leather jacket."  That being said I have nothing on Kyle Bunting.

Kyle has hair-on-hide rugs, furniture, wallpaper (that's right I said wall paper) and artwork.

Before you point out that much of his work is contemporary, there are traditional pieces and contemporary ones that I would easily make an exception for.  And when I saw this down at the Design Center I knew it would be perfect for one of my clients.

Now the only question that remains is how do I keep the cat from destroying it like she did to our Angora Goat hide that we had in the Living room?

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Open Talon Ball and Claw Feet...

This should come as no surprise: I love ball and claw feet.  If it were possible to have every piece of furniture I own resting upon ball and claw feet I would.  So one day, no doubt avoiding real work, I came upon he work of Clint Thorn.  If you've never seen an Open Talon Ball and Claw foot prepare to be blown away.

I will admit as a fellow Yankee I would be tempted to be less than impartial, but his work speaks for itself.  Look at this chair!  That is the throne my toddler could rule the world from.  Timeouts would become meaningless.

Not surprisingly if you check out his Available Pieces section half of them are already sold.  Next time I get back up to CT I might have to stop in and look at a coffee or pedestal table.  P.S.  My birthday is in September.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Perhaps the most beautiful lighting in the world...

If you are to familiar with Fortuny (Mariano or otherwise) take a moment to educate yourself.  Not since the Italians stole the secret of silk from China has anyone done finer work than Fortuny.

I will gladly accept any thing you wish to buy me from their site.  I suggest you start here...

Edit:  My wife says pictures make every post better.  Here is one I took.

Monday, April 25, 2011

It been almost a year...

If you love beautiful fabric then you have probably heard of Stroheim and Romann.  If not then may I recommended this link.

Roughly a year ago they were acquired by Fabricut (who also vends Vervain, S Harris, and Trend).  You can read about it here:

Shortly after they acquired Stroheim I had a customer who decided that nothing would do for her sofa except for a piece that Stroheim discontinued 2 years prior.  Well that didn't stop Fabricut.  They managed to locate the mill that had produced the fabric and made me a brand new bolt.  I can't thank them enough and neither can my client.  Her new sofa is stunning!

Thank you Judy and Nina.

Why haven't I posted anything yet...

While it turns out that many companies would love me to get people to buy their products, they are very hesitant to give me permission to actually post links to their sites.  As soon as people start getting back to me with permission I will happily be posting away.

P.S.  I know about time-zones, some of you should be working now.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

My taste...

There is a joke in the industry that we decorators sell exclusively things that we ourselves can't afford to buy.  I fall more into the category of agonizing over the purchase only to find out that the item was discontinued two days prior to my decision.