Monday, October 10, 2011

Just something I saw in a store...

Please excuse the quality of the photo, this was a quick picture I took in a hurry.  It was one of those places that you drive by all the time and think "someday I'm gong to stop and go in there".  I did, and by did I like a lot of the stuff.  I have this tendency to get really excited and then when I go to make a purchase find that less of the items are really up to my standards that an first blush.  This piece passed muster.  100% silk and hand woven (or so I am told).  They want more than I care to pay for it, but it is nice.  Wonder what the guy would say if I insisted on a burn test?  Last 100% silk piece I bought I had to explain to them was actually 100% Viscose.  they tried to argue, but the tag on the back was pretty convincing ;)

A blue tree, how perfect for our Dining room!